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A thousand ships and Only One pilot...
Thank god there is Only One Enemy to destroy ! A big One Though...
You will have to dig your way through it and destroy its core.

You control a mighty white dot, you can do Only One thing : Give commands to the swarm of braindead ships orbiting the enemy.
 - Hold "A" or "LeftCtrl" will order a flee manoeuver, the swarm is too stupid to dodge incoming hazards so this will come in handy.
 - Hold "B" or "LeftAlt" will order a volley of lasers, this proves to be deadly effective, although the enemy shields WILL Reflect most lasers... So this could be the best way to destroy you own swarm.
 - Hold "X" or "LeftShift" will order an EMP bombardment which can disable shields for a short period of time.

Have Fun, waiting for feedbacks !

Authorskaosklown, Nanord
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


OneOnOneS_GMTKGameJam2019_FINAL.zip 21 MB

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